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Sebastián Contreras Rodríguez, of Chilean nationality, is an architect graduated from the Catholic University of Chile in 2003, completed his Master of Architecture 2005. In 2010, he completed his specialization in Integral Urban Planning and Management at Catholic University. 

Its line of research development is linked to the residential habitat, acknowledging cultural and ecological values.

His works seek to reflect the values of the cultural diversity of the inhabitants, while ensuring harmony with nature.

His architecture projects have been developed in Chile, Colombia and Thailand. He has given lectures and workshops at different universities in Latin America (Panama, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, among others).

He currently directs Estación Espacial Arquitectos, is a project teacher in Colombia, and live in New Zealand. 

The works exhibited in this portfolio have been produced since 2007 thanks to the collaboration and help of


Tananta - Indígena Ticuna 
Antonio Yemail - Arquitecto Colombia.
Andres Cortinez - Arquitecto Chile.
Etienne Lefran - Arquitecto Chile.
Carolina Castillo - Arquitecta Chile.
Manuel Villa - Arquitecto Colombia.
Jose francisco Vergara - Arquitecto Chile.
Felipe Assadi - Arquitecto Chile.
Rodrigo Tisi - Arquitecto Chile.
Sebastian Gray - Arquitecto Chile.
Maritza Granado - Arquitecta Colombia.
Jorge lay - Diseñador Chile.
Daniel Morales - Arquitecto Chile.
Sebastian Irarrazaval - Arquitecto Chile.
Pablo Riquelme - Arquitecto Chile.
Renzo Alvano - Arquitecto Chile.

Contanza Jarpa-Luco - Artista Chile.

Rene Reyes - Arquitecto Chile.
Victor Belmar - Arquitecto Chile.
Cristian Felix Reigada - Arquitecto Chile.
Simon Ignacio Perez - Arquitecto Chile.
Ivan de Requesens - Arquitecto Chile.
Enzo Piero Vergara - Arquitecto Chile.
Pamela ide - Paisajista Chile.

Espacio Colectivo Arquitectos - Cali.
Atilio Andreoli - Sastre Chile.
Monica Fullana - Arquitecta España.
Isaac Pino - Arquitecto Chile.
Lindsey Hainsworth - Gestion Holanda.
Daniel Olivares - Arquitecto Chile.
Karolina Rosas - Diseñadora Colombia.
Raúl Azocar - Artista Chile.
Lapriel Avalos - Arquitecta Chile.
Santiago Reyes - Artista Colombia.
Ana Lopez - Arquitecta Colombia.

Daira Quiñones - Lider comunitaria Afro

We achieve this through constant evaluation of the energy footprint of the materials on site, and above all by being aware of the impact of the project on the landscape and society. 

Space Station Architects Maintains a highly personal level of service throughout the design process and provides sound technical and structural solutions through close collaboration with technical offices

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